Vayuhar Churan


Highly effective & trusted Herbal Churan for both ( Men & Women ) Which is useful in loss of appetite, vomiting, gas & indigestion.



Vayuhar Churan Powder Helpful in Hyper-Acidity, Indigestion and Urinary Problems. Vayuhar Churna is an effective Ayurvedic formulations to manage health problems due to an imbalance of Pitta dosha like acidity, indigestion and heartburn, which can be either due to lack of physical activities, sedentary lifestyle or due to unhealthy eating habits. It is also helpful in conditions that affect the normal functioning of the digestive and excretory system. It neutralizes the acid secretion in the gastrointestinal tract and promotes the production of digestive enzymes which aid in the absorption of nutrients. Vayuhar Churna is effective in acid dyspepsia (indigestion) characterized by loss of appetite, stomach discomfort, nausea, sour and burning vomit, heartburn (Retrosternal Burning) and burning sensation in the throat. It has powerful ingredients , a unique Blend of Ayurvedic Herbs and micro nutrients which are known to help with

1. Help you manage the symptoms of indigestion due to its Deepan (appetizer) and Pachan (digestive) properties
2. Reduces acidity due to it’s Rechana (laxative), and Pitta dosha balancing property. It works as a cooling agent by controlling the acid production inside the body
3. Taking Vayuhar Churna regularly will help you digest the food by digesting the Ama due to its Deepan (appetizer) and Pachan (digestion)
4. Helps to reduce fat accumulation because of its Deepan (appetizer) and Pachan (digestive) properties
5.  It is known to provide quick relief from digestive distress like hyperacidity, flatulence, bloating, and more.
6. Boost Energy

Details : 100 gm Churan
Dosage of Capsule :  ½ to 1 teaspoonful (3 to 5 gram) twice daily with water

Or As recommended by Doctor.


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